Two Nice Songs

by Angela

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Two nice songs.


released April 2, 2015




Angela Barcelona, Spain

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Track Name: Perpetual Mirror
Perpetual Mirror

I took your hand over the bench
The judge looked disapprovingly
I guess it’s time to depart
To tear us apart
The whole court stood up and cheered
But I don’t know which side they were
I’m just delaying the time
Of saying goodbye
May I say my last will?

I am here cuz I questioned you
Overwhelmed by the bonds
I guess it’s time to depart
To tear us apart
Is it a sin to be a mirror?
Don’t you think it’s way too much?
I guess it’s time to react
To finish this craft
May I say my last will?
Would you please get off from there?
I’m trying to communicate
This wasn’t supposed to happen, no

Time is running out

Can’t you see the burst all over here?
You know it’s hard to try

So here, here I am chained and watched, you’re sheltered,
A million bouncers for just one party queen
Ah, if I ever escape, well I grant you I won’t reflect you anytime soon

Time is running out
Track Name: The First Of Us
The First

Layers of weirdness floating high upon my life
Seven seasons laying up, they’re almost gone – yeah
(They were) Sanctuaries for the worst things I’ve done
(They) Have no problem in finding where to hide

I’ve got to live in somewhere else, my oh my mind
Considered the pros and the cons, you’ll always miss someone
Why this had to be as hard it is being?
Time won’t go by when I sleep with you
Won’t you come?
Won’t you come?
Lies awake wherever I go
Wherever I go
Lies awake in you

Afraid of determinations to come and go
Where my soul could get lost
Afraid of listening the words that are waiting to be said
Don’t you, won’t you, don’t you come?
Afraid of listening those words
Don’t you go
Afraid of listening those words
Don’t you go

Cuz I’ll be the first, and you’ll realize when all is gone